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Is to provide leadership and guidance, so that all families despite the crisis in their lives will benefit from our services.

Is to improve the academic achievement, self-esteem and social competence. The focus outcome for this organization is targeted towards Pre-K thru Secondary School Students as the primary recipients for our services,with the acceptation of High School Students. Also to build the capacity within the community to achieve mission driven results.

 Is for each child that is in need, which exists between the parent/parents, the community and the part it plays in realizing their strong beliefs and high personal expectations.

Our Values

S- Showing Interest/Concern
I- Implementing (Putting things in place)
T- Teamwork (Working together as one)
C- Commitment (Dedicated to the cause)

We look forward into working with you and we hope you will consider partnering with our organization and give back to the community.

Tiffany Jones
Executive Director
(901) 877-8053
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